So what’s the deal with window tint you may ask?

In New York, your car windows cannot block more than 30% of light. In other words, 70% or more of the light must pass through your window. This applies to the front windows and windshield. It applies to the rear side windows of certain types of cars – station wagon, sedan, hardtop, coupe, hatchback, and convertible (most passenger cars). SUVs, registered as a suburban, can have rear side tinted windows. The rear window itself must also be clear, unless the car has dual outside mirrors. People with certain medical conditions can apply for exemptions.

The police in New York don’t have the time or resources to go after people with tinted windows. There have been crackdowns in the past, but it is impossible to ticket everyone. Many people don’t even realize their windows are illegally tinted.

But New Yorkers will have to pay attention now! Effective January 1, 2017, when you get your car inspected they will be testing your windows! So if your windows do not pass the tint limitations, your car may fail inspection.