Comprehensive New York City Closing Costs Guide

One of the most common questions our office gets is what are the closings costs going to be when buying a co-op or condominium in New York City. Well, unfortunately, in New York City, it is not just the real estate that is expensive. Whether you are buying a home, townhouse, condominium or cooperative, [...]

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New York Vehicle Inspections Now Include Window Tint

So what's the deal with window tint you may ask? In New York, your car windows cannot block more than 30% of light. In other words, 70% or more of the light must pass through your window. This applies to the front windows and windshield. It applies to the rear side windows of certain [...]

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The importance of an Estate Plan

Having a will as part of your estate plan is important especially if you have young children. There are a lot of online shops and discount sites that will sell you cheap will services. But don’t be fooled. Nothing beats having a real estate plan including a will prepared by an attorney, particularly in the [...]

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Employer can no longer use consumer credit histories in employment decisions

The City of New York has passed a new law prohibiting employers from using consumer credit histories in making employment decisions, including hiring. The new law takes effect September 3, 2015. NYC Administrative Code section 8-107(24) will make it unlawful for an employer to request or use for employment purposes the consumer credit history [...]

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City Council’s new Consent to Search Bill

The City Council’s Disastrous Consent to Search Bill: Not Actually as Disastrous as Most Cops Think The current New York CIty Council appears to be dangerously liberal. They also don’t seem very experienced about the world, or the city. Their latest foray into making a cop’s job harder is a bill that would require [...]

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